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plain bore gears (a variety of different sizes)


1. Cast steel material, provides greater overall strength, durable wear-resistant.
2. MOD 0.8 gears are aesthetically unique compared to the larger gears, but work the same.
3. The combination produces a ratio of 7:1, underdrive or overdrive, depending on whether you want to increase speed or maximize torsion.
4. A true manufacturer means integration and reuse, suitable for industrial robots.
5. 15-tooth gear, with 6 mm round hole, high hardness, long service life.


Item Type:Gear
Material: cast steel
Product model: S4304-0006-0015
Product specifications: 6 mm / 0.24 inch round hole 0.8 module
Outer diameter: approx. 13.6 mm / 0.54 inches.
Pitch diameter: approx. 12 mm / 0.47 inches.

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