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IC Chip Assortment Kit of 150

  • Huge IC Assortment Contains: PC817, NE555, LM358, LM324, JRC4558, LM393, LM339, NE5532, LM386, TDA2030, TDA2822, PT2399, UC3842AN, UC3843AN, ULN20000000000 3AN, ULN. 2803APG, ICL7660s
  • Includes 2 DIP4 sockets, 7 DIP8 sockets, 3 DIP14 sockets, 3 DIP16 sockets, 2 DIP18 sockets
  • Includes various useful IC types such as: optocouplers, timers, oscillators, dual opamps, quad opamps, compressors, audio amplifiers, echo processor, PWM controller, darlington arrays, voltage pump
  • Includes 1 DIP-8 to SOP-8 SMD converter adapter
  • Availability: Pre-Order

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