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VWR® Petri Dishes, Sterile (Slippable)

  • Optically Clear for Easy Reading
  • Venting Ribs for Free Air Circulation
  • Consistently Flat Bottoms


Ideal for all types of culturing where accurate bacterial count or microscopic examination is required. Molded from virgin polystyrene, these dishes provide distortion-free visibility. Engineered for optimum flatness to provide uniform agar thickness. Venting ribs on inside cover allow free circulation of air and prevent condensation buildup, enabling optimum culture growth and media shelf life. Sterilized by gamma radiation, E-beam, or ethylene oxide (EO) gas.


Slippable dishes can slide freely on top of each other to facilitate automated handling. Space saver dishes are more shallow to conserve storage space. Fully stackable dishes feature rings on the lid and bottom to help dishes stack better without sliding, making them ideal for manual handling. Semi-stackable dishes stack, but are somewhat slippable and suitable for automated handling. Stackable for automation style dishes are somewhat slippable and feature a recessed area inside the lid for a secure, compact fit.


Ordering Information: Packaged sterile in easy-open, linear-tear bags. Petri dish 25384-092 features slightly larger interior dimensions for better seating of filter paper.

Case of 500.
  • Availability: 3
  • Model: 25384-302

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