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Fyrite* Gas Analyzer Kits CO2, 0 to 20% (Bacharach No.: 10-5000)

CO2 analyzer is ideal for contamination tests of rooms, mines, pressurized chambers and other confined spaces. Also suitable for gas analysis of flue gases, exhaust gases of internal combustion engines, inflammable solvent fumes, and inert atmospheres. 

Oxygen analyzer ideally suited for same uses as CO2, but for O2 deficiency. 

Compact, portable units use the volumetric gas analysis method involving selective absorption of CO2 or O2 in a chemical solution. Not affected by the presence of any other gas in the sample. Accuracy: ±0.5%. Complete analysis in approx. 30 seconds. Aspirator bulb pumps the gas sample into the analyzer and purges the measuring chamber of the previously analyzed sample. Fluid is easily replaced. 

Gas analyzer kit for CO2/O2 (32034-283) is complete and portable. Includes Fyrite CO2/O2 indicators, sampling assembly, filter material, fire efficiency finder, and carrying case. 

Ordering Information: CO2 and O2 models include aspirator bulb, saturator filter, 0.9m (3') rubber tubing, and carrying case. Fluid refills and repair kits available for all models. Repair kits contain one bottle CO2 or O2 fluid, set of gaskets and cap screws, diaphragms, and filtering material.
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  • Model: 32033-000

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